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Since the legalization for both medicinal and recreational use in California, there has been increasing interest in all facets of Cannabis and its derivative properties.

Julie Montante has been at the forefront of this movement and industry and as an operator of multiple Cannabis businesses in the desert, is uniquely qualified to host iHub Radio's new weekly talk show on the subject: 420 in the 760, which will broadcast from 4 to 5 pm each Saturday.

Anita Rufus has been part of the talk radio landscape of the Coachella Valley for well over a decade. Last May, she stepped beyond one comfort zone of discussing politics and into another: the realities of 21st century living.


Tuesday through Friday mornings from 11 am to Noon, Rufus hosts That's Life. It's a thoughtful hour exploring the subjects that transcend age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or marital status... the things that make it clear we are all in this together.


Anita also continues to host the Anita Rufus Show, embracing her persona as the Lovable Liberal on Saturday's from 2 to 4 pm.

Shenanigans Taking Medical Leave

Hosts' Battle With Lupus Silences Saturday Laughter

iHub Radio's Saturday night program that focuses on live music and comedy in the Coachella Valley will be going on an indefinite hiatus.


"We are sad to see Shenanigans leave our schedule of vibrant weekend programs," said iHub Radio's John McMullen. "Sadly, show co-host and funny lady Kris Bossi has been ordered to chill out by her medical professionals."


Bossi, who has been very open with listeners about her Lupus-related illnesses, is now being sidelined by it. All of us wish her the very best and hope that she will be able to resume the program in the near future. Encores will play through Dec. 30.

Montante Talks Cannabis

GIFT EXCHANGE: iHub Radio To Feature Holiday Special

Music & Holiday-Themed 'Old Time Radio' Programs From December 23rd to 28th

As the holiday season is in full swing, iHub Radio will be celebrating the week of Christmas with a special line-up of non-stop sounds of the season from 5 pm on Sunday, December 23 to 7 am on Saturday, December 29.


"We're going to feature hundreds of titles performed by a variety of artists across many musical genres," says program director John McMullen. "In addition to the best selection of holiday music that listeners will hear anywhere this year, we are going to intersperse old time radio programs with a Christmas holiday theme similar to what we broadcast over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend last month."

Radio shows from the 1940s, 50s and 60s were a hit with the iHub Radio audience in November.


"We received a ton of positive feedback," McMullen said. "So, why not do it again with a different holiday twist?!"


Going into the week of holiday content, iHub Radio will broadcast encore talk programs the preceding weekend with a few original broadcasts, and will resume it's talk show schedule the following Saturday morning beginning with Time To Prosper, the weekly show for entrepreneurs hosted by CVEP's Joe Wallace.

ANITA RUFUS: Pondering All That Makes Us Tick

Marvin Alvarez x 2

Like Father, Like Son?

Marvin Alvarez, Sr. is the first and only Latin American immigrant to host an English language talk show in the Coachella Valley. Together with his son, Marvin Alvarez, Jr. (Jayy), the long-time Spanish media personality brings a fresh and long overdue perspective to listeners at a critical time in our nation's history.


Alvarez Sr. came to America from Guatemala, just like many of the migrants seeking asylum at our border today. His experience and the reality of what it's like to pursue a better life, and ultimately becoming an American citizen, makes for lively discussion every weekday on the Marvin Alvarez Show, live from 1 to 3 pm on iHub Radio.

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