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We’re buttering up a fresh bucket of popcorn and ready to talk Movies every week on iHub Radio’s Flix & Picks with Brayan Mendoza, a life-long Coachella Valley resident and film buff whose passion is film criticism and education. He explores the week’s best and worst films, discusses relevant film topics, interviews filmmakers and actors, and dissects all things cinema every Saturday from 1 to 2 pm, (and encores on Thursday).


With witty insight and film education, Brayan gives you honest, fun and accessible film analysis to help guide you not only into the right theatre, but to the best selections on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other online film outlets.

Have your own take on a great film, or one not worth a kernel of popcorn? Maybe a great Netflix find? Share your thoughts with Brayan! He's also available for community events. Just drop him an e-mail!

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